• Consulting
  • Planning and Supervising
  • Installation
  • Setup
  • Maintenance
  • Training
  • Initial Emergency Response

"Thank you"

    SZE Hagenuk is proud to closely work with world leading companies where accurate and accountable leak and temperature monitoring systems are imperative.

    Those companies value our high levels of service, innovation, experience, flexibility and reliability.

    Our customer loyalty is an indicator of trust and satisfaction.


"That is possible"

We have so far not experienced an impossible project. Innovation is at the core of our German engeneering believe system

Our experienced engeneers and project managers will accompany you compentantly during the complete project. What is our difference? Attention to detail.

Our relationship continues after project completion. We offer system check services and remote monitoring diagnostics. We will produce all relevant documentation and communicate with stakeholders on your behalf.

We also offer comprehensive training that gives you greater independence and in-house knowledge for installation, operation and maintenance of our systems.