HDW T/60

We offer a simple low-cost solution for the specific requirements of district heating and district cooling systems.

The district heating and district cooling pipeline insulation is fitted with a monitoring cable that alarms the operator with pinpoint accuracy on the exact location of the leak in any branch of the pipeline network.

iced pipelineThe system also distinguishes cable faults from leaks. The system is reliable and durable even under extreme circumstances and on great distances. Our installations operate fault free for decades. Our yearly inspection service insures a smooth contingency management assurance.

The HDW T/60 leak detection system has its origin at HDW-Elektronik. HDW engineers have developed the time domain reflectometry as a defect detection method for inaccessible cables.
When looking for a suitable system for the indication and location of leaks in underground pipes the same fundamental technology can be applied.

district heating pipeline leak monitoringThe combination of the insulation resistance measuring with the time domain reflectometry enables an early assessment of all relevant conditions in the heat insulation of bonded pipes.

This offers objective evaluation criteria during the construction stage and during the operation of district heating and district cooling networks.


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We are happy to demonstrate the system capabilities on location with our mobile demo system .



  • Turn-key solution
  • Single system unit central monitoring of large, widespread networks (>8 km)
  • Leak detection and locating with pinpoint accuracy
  • Early detection, evaluation and locating of leaks at medium- and jacket pipes
  • Particular quality evaluation for joints
  • Reliable detection and location of multiple leaks
  • Reliable detection and location of line interruptions
  • Reliability through system redundancy
  • Any nominal diameters or pipe makes
  • Fast modular system