Leacom ®

Leacom is a highly advanced leak monitoring system based on Time Domain Reflectometry.

The patented technology allows to monitor for hydrocarbons, acids (ignoring water) as well as monitoring for water leaks (ignoring hydrocarbons).


The system detects minor leaks in real time and can monitor the leak expansion with pinpoint accuracy. After the initial alarm the system keeps monitoring and stores the data in a black box.

Leacom provides a cost to performance ratio that is unequalled by any other system.


  • Real time warning -locally or remote

  • Selective monitoring of hydrocarbons or acid, ignoring water

  • Pinpoint accuracy on leak location

  • Single point, multiple point, line and area reporting

  • Keeps monitoring after first alarm and stores leak expansion map to black box

  • Heat monitoring and pipeline heating from the same company

  • 24/7/365 initial emergency response service available


Multiple Leak Detection.

The system is not limited to detect only one leak. Due to the advanced DTDR technology multiple leaks on one sensor string can be easily „seen“.
This means the system fits real world application as you will find in extensive plants. The continuous monitoring after the first leak offers a minimum of down time. A single leak does not mean the system has to be taken off line. The continuous monitoring tells you about spreading and reducing of leaks. Service will be only done when it is needed, based on exactly examined evaluations of the operator.

Leak/Break/Fault Location

LeaCom gives a status information about the health of all sensor cables. It separates cable faults from leaks and will report accordingly with a precise location notice.

Black Box

The internal black box stores detailed information about all events with a precise time stamp. This gives the operators solid data for evaluating an event and the management a tool to establish an accountable audit trail.

The system reports in plain English which reduces training requirements. In the event of a leak, break or fault this will greatly reduce evaluation and maintenance time. The LED status line indicates the status of the system. A nonvolatile memory stores the systems information.


The security control and identification password system prevents unauthorized use of the system.

Automatic Reset

After power loss the system rapidly comes back online without resetting the controls. All settings are backed up in the nonvolatile memory card and automatically restored when power returns. This greatly simplifies the management and control of the system.


The system trouble-shoots and identifies eventual internal issues and reports accordingly.


Simple to use

The system was specifically designed to be easy to use without the need for extensive training. Even the operation of such state-of-the-art technologies like mapping the sensor string against previously stored archives are easy to perform by the operator.


Multiple censoring capabilities

The system can monitor multiple sensor cables and monitor for different liquids simultaneously.

Leacom installation samples LeaCom sensor cables are designed for various applications and environments.

Specific cables can be put into inaccessible locations or even buried in the ground to detect hydrocarbons, acidic fluids and water. This unique technology gives the LeaCom system a major advantages.

The LeaCom sensing string can be made up of any combination of probes and sensor cables. Sensor cables and probes are designed to serve a wide variety of applications.



The system is never subject to false alarm caused by dust, or other non-liquid conductive materials that may come in contact with the sensor cable, or from casually stepping on the cable.

Several sensor cables are capable of detecting and locating both water based and hydrocarbon liquids and others will detect only hydrocarbons, ignoring water. I most applications, the sensor cable can be dried and reused after a leak is repaired and clean up has been completed.

The state-of-the-art sensor cables are manufactured without exposed metal and easily withstand corrosive chemical applications.

For more info and data sheets please call or email us. we are happy to demonstrate the system capabilities with our mobile Leacom system on location.

For more info and data sheets please call or email us.

We are happy to demonstrate the system capabilities on location with our mobile Leacom system .