Leacom ® is a highly advanced leak monitoring system based on Time Domain Reflectometry. The patented technology allows to monitor for hydrocarbons, acids (ignoring water) as well as monitoring for water leaks (ignoring hydrocarbons).

    The system detects minor leaks in real time and can monitor the leak expansion with pinpoint accuracy. After the initial alarm the system keeps monitoring and stores the data in a black box. Leacom ® provides a cost to performance ratio that is unequalled by any other system.



    HDW T/60 ®

    We offer a simple low-cost solution for the specific requirements of district heating and district cooling.

    The district heating and district cooling pipeline insulation is fitted with a monitoring cable that alarms the operator with pinpoint accuracy on the exact location of the leak in any branch of the pipeline network.

    The system also distinguishes cable faults from leaks. The system is reliable and durable even under extreme circumstances. Our installations operate fault free for decades. Our yearly inspection service insures a smooth contingency management assurance.



Unique Advantages

  • Real time warning -locally or remote
  • Selective monitoring of hydrocarbons or acid, ignoring water
  • Pinpoint accuracy on leak location
  • Single point, multiple point, line and area reporting
  • Keeps monitoring after first alarm and stores leak expansion map to black box
  • Heat monitoring and pipeline heating from the same company
  • 24/7/365 initial emergency response service available