SZE Hagenuk is proud to closely work with world leading companies where accurate and accountable leak and temperature monitoring systems are imperative.

    Those companies value our high levels of service, innovation, experience, flexibility and reliability.

    Our customer loyalty is an indicator of trust and satisfaction.

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Remote Cooling Remote Heating Military Fuel Storage
District Heating / District Cooling leak detection Nuclear Power Plant leak monitoring
Tank Farms athmospheric storage tanks Crude Oil Unloading
Atmospheric Storage Tank leak monitoring Crude Oil Unloading
Military Airports and Fulel Storage Mining
Military Aviation Fuel farms Mining
Oil Platforms Offshore Platforms Power Plants Power Generation
Offshore Oil Platforms Power Generating Plants
Civil Aviation Fuel Farms Petro chemical Industry
Civil Aviation Tank Farms Petrochemical Industry
Museums Galleries Cultural Buildings Food and Beverage Industry
Museums and Historical buildings Food and Beverage industries
Data Centres Clean Rooms Mission Critical Facilities
Data Centres and Clean Rooms Mission Critical Facilities