About Us

SZE Hagenuk is specialized in developing and marketing of safety and surveillance systems for environmental protection, leak detection and location on pipelines, storage tanks and tank farms, fuel systems, drain systems and several more applications in industry, petrol chemestry, parmacy and district heating all over the world.

Also we can provide heat tracing to aboveground, underground and underwater piping systems. Typical applications are freeze protection for keeping fluids above their freezing point, temperature maintenance for maitaining the viscosity for efficient fluid flow and heat/reheat for intermittent flow of fluids (unloading lines – crude oil).


The origins of SZE Hagenuk are with the1899 foundation of Neufeldt & Kuhnke.

In 1914 the 'Hanseatische Apparatebau Gesellschaft' opens a branch at the Neufeldt & Kuhnke works site in Kiel, Germany

The 'Hanseatische Apparatebau-Gesellschaft' and Neufeldt & Kuhnke merged 1937 into Hagenuk.

The technology arm of Hagenuk invented radar technology from which a branch developed into line fault detection and location technology.

This branch is today SZE Hagenuk. We are still developing world leading technology that sets the international standard in this field.

Our Vision

SZE Hagenuk aims to continiously set the standard in state of the art reliable and accountable leak monitoring systems.


SZE Hagenuk is ONE Partner

From the design concept through to manufacture – from quality control via sales through to customer training and service, every stage in the process is handled by SZE Hagenuk.

More than Certificated Quality

Our high standards can be judged on the strength of the allocation of the ISO 9001, which provides evidence that particulary stringent and comprehensive quality requirements have been satisfied. All this measuring and testing equipment, either for individual use in the field or incorporated as our service, helps to prevent failure and drastically reduces downtime.