SZE Hagenuk is specialised in providing leak monitoring solutions for high volatile liquids such as crude oil, petrol or naphtha as well as low volatile products such as heavy oil, kerosene, diesel oil and water.

The monitoring solutions can be integrated in existing monitoring systems or operate independently often at remote locations.

SZE Hagenuk offers heat tracing to aboveground, underground and underwater piping systems. Typical applications are freeze protection - keeping fluids above their freezing point and temperature monitoring to maintain the viscosity for efficient fluid flow.

Typical applications include crude oil unloading and chemical plants where 100% reliable temperature control in pipelines is imperative.

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SZE Hagenuk design accurate and accountable leak and temperature monitoring systems. We can supervise the installation and manage the complete project.

We offer alarm monitoring services and engage initial emergency responses if required.

SZE Hagenuk handles many special requirements, from remote solar powered SMS alarm systems to high security military aviation applications.

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Unique Advantages

Real time warning -locally or remote

Selective monitoring of hydrocarbons or acid, ignoring water

Pinpoint accuracy on leak location

Single point, multiple point, line and area reporting

Keeps monitoring after first alarm and stores leak expansion map to black box

Heat monitoring and pipeline heating from the same company

24/7/365 initial emergency response service available